Pre Arrival

Before we arrive it would be really great if you could do the following:

  • Make sure you have filled in and submitted the grant form.
  • Read through your estimate to check you know what you are getting, what it will cost and that this matches your requirements.
  • Clear a space around your meter and consumer unit. If they are in cupboards please empty these out.
  • If we have agreed a wiring route make sure any areas we will need access to are clear so that we can lift floorboards etc.
  • If the charging point you have chosen has an App that works with it get this installed on your smartphone and set up your own account.
  • We will need access to your internet for setup so find your Wi-Fi name and password.
  • Check that you have a good Wi-Fi signal at the position where your charging point is to go. If not move your router or use Wi-Fi extenders so that you do. If this is impossible you may have opted for a unit that works from a mobile phone signal, if so check you can get one. Our engineers do carry devices to help extend your Wi-Fi signal which they can install at an extra cost. 


We will arrive for your morning or afternoon appointment. Should we get held up for any reason we will phone you with an update.

We will need to park in the same place that you have elected to keep your electric vehicle so please keep this clear.

Before we start we will need you to sign the already filled in grant form, this must be done by the person named on the form. If this person is not available on the day please make arrangements with us to sign beforehand.

Pre Check

We will have a quick inspection of your existing electrical installation to confirm it is safe for us to work on.

Next we will go through with you step by step what we will be doing including:

  • The position of your charginging point
  • Where we will fit any switchgear (additional consumer unit etc.)
  • What route the cabling will take
  • Any holes we will need to make
  • Where an earth rod will be driven into the ground (if required)
  • Anything we will need you to do before, during or after the works

With the best will in the world it is just not possible to cover every eventuality in our estimates especially if this has been done remotely via photographs.  Should we need to do any additional work not estimated for such as fit a new consumer unit we will discuss the cost of this now before we proceed any further.  Fitting of a new consumer unit ranges normally from £120-£220+VAT as an idea.

Should we not be able to fit your charging point because your existing electrical installation is not suitable or has not been maintained correctly an £80+VAT charge will be made which must be paid before we leave.

During the Work

We might need to do the following during the work:

  • Turn the power off to some or all of your property so be prepared not to be able to watch TV or use the internet
  • Do some noisy jobs like drilling walls so keep pets and children away
  • Borrow your smartphone for a few minutes to get the App connected (If an App is available)

The Finish

When the install work is complete we have lots of paperwork to fill in some of which we will need you or your representative to sign. We also have to take some pictures of the work as part of the grant scheme process.

We will run through with you how your new charging point works and if your electric vehicle is on site we will help you with your first plug in.

We will leave you with the charging point instructions and make sure everything is as clean and tidy as we found it.

Don’t worry if you have any questions after we have left, we are just a phone call away and always happy to help.