We are a small business that has been doing domestic and commercial electrical installations for many years. We have built up a large customer base of regular and repeat clients trusting us to be the only ones to do electrical work for them which we consider speaks volumes about our service.

With the growing awareness of  hybrid and fully electric cars coming to the market and the lack of truly qualified tradesmen to install the charging points we have seen an opportunity to grow our business and insure your safety.

Nobody wants to wait around for hours for their new electric car to top its charge up so they can do the school run, go to work or visit friends. The solution  is to “fast charge” but your home or workplace will not have the equipment to enable this, it is not simply a case of plugging into the nearest 13 amp socket as with “slow charging”. This is where we come in. We will come to your home or work place and professionally install the equipment to make you “fast charge” enabled.

The best bit is its not going to cost you a huge amount as we will apply on your behalf for a government grant to pay for a chunk of the equipment and installation costs.

So why use us? Well that is simple, we did not start doing electrical work yesterday and we are not just jumping on the band wagon because we want to make a quick buck. The adage you don’t get something for nothing is very true with “Fast Charging”. To get your car charged up quickly requires the same amount of power as your oven might use cooking a large family Christmas dinner, but don’t worry it’s a lot of power but it is still 9 times cheaper than running on petrol. Because of this power draw your fast charger must be installed correctly, installing wiring to take the load safely is something that comes with experience, something we have got lots of and a perfect record of very happy customers as proof. We do not do rushed cheap installs using under paid staff with no interest in how things look or function, if you want that contact someone else.

If you want a safe well installed quality fast charging point then get in touch now.

Why not fill in our contact form and get yourself plugged in today.